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Cam's Go-To Protein Shake


Cam's Go-To Protein Shake

Cameron Mathison prepares an easy-to-make and healthy protein shake that you'll want to drink everyday.
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Cam's Go-To Protein Shake

Cameron Mathison

Yield: 1 Serving




1 scoop of High quality protein powder (I recommend Nuethix formulations but do some research and pick the best one for you)


1 cup of Nutrient dense greens like spinach or kale


1 cup of milk of choice (I like almond milk or coconut milk)


1/2 cup frozen fruit (berries or bananas are good choices. Note: if the fruit you’re adding isn’t frozen, you may want to add in some ice)


2 tablespoons of your favorite nut butter (I use almond butter, but use whatever you like)


(Optional) Sneak in other veggies (I like to put in a carrot, or even cut up a zucchini😃 and throw it in, just for extra nutrients) 


(Optional) Add supplements (If you take supplements, this is a good way to get them in. I take a high quality magnesium powder, and something called Bloat Eaze Pro from Nuethix Formulations which helps nutrient absorption and healthy gut function. Sometimes I’ll include a fiber supplement, or even my pre workout powder. But add in whatever supplements you are taking if you want!)



1. Add all of your ingredients into a blender, blend, and enjoy!!!

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