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DIY Holiday Coffee Mugs


DIY Holiday Coffee Mugs

Maria Provenzano's DIY coffee mugs are sure to put you in the holiday spirit, from the first sip to the last!
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DIY Holiday Coffee Mugs

Maria Provenzano



White mugs

Paint pens

Enamel paint



1.     Draw the desired design using the paint pens. Follow the directions on the paint pen box if they need to be cured.

2.     Create the reindeer thumbprint mug by dipping your thumb into the enamel paint and creating thumb prints all around the mug.

3.     Allow the paint to dry completely.

4.     Once the paint is dry, add additional details with a paint pen.


Note: permanent markers are a great replacement for paint pens if you cannot find them in stores

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N H Nancy Huenergardt

Can they be put in the dishwasher?

  rpl Reply 
P B Patricia Buckler

very cute!!!!!

  rpl Reply 
B H Beverly Heslin

Great ideas! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ„

  rpl Reply 
M K Meli Kronberger


  rpl Reply 
K S Kathleen Szabo

These are adorable! Such a great gift idea!

  rpl Reply