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Bible Update: David and Goliath


Bible Update: David and Goliath

Danica McKellar reflects on the story of David and Goliath and how it has become a popular metaphor for overcoming adversity and achieving success despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
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P G Philip Gottschalk

Thanks for your enthusiasm and sharing your journey through the Bible with us. I love your insights and fresh perspective. Blessings to you and your family!

rpl Reply
R M Randal Moens

Danica, Thank you for sharing! The Bible stories are so refreshing to hear, over and over again

rpl Reply
T M Tammy Martin

I love that you’re doing The Bible Recap! Love hearing your thoughts!

rpl Reply
j o julie osborne

Great job, Danica. Keep going! I love your passion for God’s Word. God is doing incredible work through you.

rpl Reply
M K Meli Kronberger

So fun to hear you share the Word and what you learned! Brings joy to my heart! When I lived in CA, my Pastor, Jim Tolle, would present the personalities and behaviors of the people in his sermons and I would get blessed by that insight.

rpl Reply