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“A Merry Christmas Wish”: The Final Act


“A Merry Christmas Wish”: The Final Act

Cameron Mathison concludes his behind-the-scenes tour of his upcoming Great American Family movie, A Merry Christmas Wish.” He brings us along as he meets his furry co-stars, gets hair and makeup, gives us a tour of his trailer, and shares Jill’s reaction to h.... Show more
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L E Lizzy-Ann Ebersole

Cam Im sure you miss the barn animals! LOL I love that you take supplements whoop! :D I love the end, we'll keep the lights on all 9,500+ lol

  rpl Reply 
P H Pam Hunter

Love it!! Cameron, you fit right in!

  rpl Reply 
t j tammy jones

that was adorable

  rpl Reply 
t p terri polanski

i loved this mivie! you and Jill are baturals together! felt like Christmas was finalky kb the way

  rpl Reply 
M B Michelle Branscum

Love your acting, Cameron! Can't wait to watch tonight from Oklahoma!

  rpl Reply