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Tulip Carrot Wreath


Tulip Carrot Wreath

Made to look like a snack for the Easter bunny himself, Rachel Van Kluyve’s Spring wreath is super cheery and surprisingly easy to make. Plus, when you use faux flowers you’ll be able to display the wreath year after year.
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DIY Spring Flower Wreath

Rachel Van Kluyve





Orange floral of choice with long stems, Tulips

Greenery of Choice

Floral Wire 

Wire cutters 

Wire Ribbon 

Zip Ties or Floral Tape 





1.     Prep your florals. Some may need trimmed or removed from bushels depending on where you purchased them. Make sure your florals are longer stemmed because you are using the stem to adhere to the next set of florals.

2.     Layer your first 8-10 florals together. Most importantly make sure your first tulip stands alone. Put down the first single floral and work down from there. The first floral will create the point of the carrot. From there layer and spread out your remaining 8 or so ad then adhere the stems together with a zip ties, floral wire, or tape. I found zip ties were easiest. 

3.     Continue with the next “set” by layering the same way you did in step 2 and adhere them them all together. You are essentially created a layered triangle. All created one stemmed base in the back. Once you’ve used all your florals or have 3-4 bushels zip tied, you are ready to work on your carrots top. 

4.     Tip: I flipped my wreath over and made sure the stems were secure and added a couple more zip ties to the back. 

5.     Add the greenery of your choose to the tops of the exposed stems. Don’t worry about the gap between the florals and green top. A ribbon will go here. I used  floral tape to put my stem on top and then secured with a zip tie. 

6.     Create your Ribbon of choice. My ribbon specifications are below. 

               Cut five 24 inch pieces of ribbon 

               Cut one 10 inch piece of ribbon 

               Cut one 36 inch piece of ribbon 


7. Put the five 24” inch pieces into circles and staple each of them into a circle creating a seam. You will have five circles once this is done. 


8. Do the same with the 10 inch piece of ribbon, creating a circle and staple where the ends meet. Now you will have 6 circles. 


9. Place the seamed and stapled side of one circle down on your table and place your finger in the middle of the ribbon mashing the circle down and pinch the top and bottom of the ribbon together creating a pinched center. 


10. While keeping the ribbon tight repeat the process and do the same with the remaining four circles. You will then layer each circle on top of the other staggering them which will create a circle itself. Your five circles will be pinched and flattened on top of one another and secured with a zip tie at the center


11. Next, take the 10”piece of wire and put as the center point of your bow. Adhere with floral wire. 


12. Adhere your final 36 inch ribbon centered on the back of the bow you just created to create the legs of the bow and trim according to how long you want them. 


13. Once your bow is adhered to the wreath fluff each ribbon according to your taste and simply     hang. I used a suction cup hook to place on my glass door or a command hook will work well. 



Be sure to share your creations with me on my socials @crateandcottage  


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