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DIY Christmas Napkin Art


DIY Christmas Napkin Art

Maria Provenzano is elevating your napkin game with these 3 DIY designs that will add an elegant touch to your table this holiday season.
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DIY Christmas Napkin Art

Maria Provenzano




1. Fold the napkin into a triangle, then fold the tip of the triangle in and the bottom of the triangle in until they meet, making sure the napkin is in a flat line.

2. Pull one point of the napkin behind the flat center and repeat with the other side.

3. Pull the napkin through a napkin ring so that the napkin ring is in the center.

4. Pull the two points down and fluff out the “bow” if needed.



1. Fold the napkin in half and then in half again to create a square. There will be one corner that all the open ends meet.

2. Fold each flap up, then flip it over, and fold the left and right side into the center, overlapping each other.

3. Flip it back over to the other side, it will be in a “tree” shape at this point, and then fold the open points up starting at the top and fold each one under the one above it.


Add a simple detail: Add a mini wreath or cookie cutter as a napkin ring. Lay the napkin completely flat, pinch the middle of the napkin and lift it up to let the outside edges fall. Add the mini wreath or cookie cutter around the area that is pinched and move it up at the center. Place on the place setting.

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