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Thanksgiving Tables Through the Years


Thanksgiving Tables Through the Years

Mahaila McKellar shares some of her favorite Thanksgiving tables from the past and how she's updating her tablescape for 2022.
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B V Brittany Victory

personal memories and touches are better than fancy expensive place settings. great job . you are a wonderful host . happy Thanksgiving.

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c j carol jean

Gorgeous table setting and loving memories❤️

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K S Kathleen Szabo

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful table and memories.

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M M Mahaila McKellar

Thank you, Meli. it’s good to know someone else out there never lights those candles 😊

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M K Meli Kronberger

Lovely table and LOVED the family memories!! I have my mom's waxed pilgrims and turkey candles on my table too!! Circa 1960s

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