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DIY Personalized Picnic Tables


DIY Personalized Picnic Tables

Maria Provenzano shares great ideas for a fall picnic that the whole family will love.
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DIY Personalized Picnic Tables

Maria Provenzano

Yield: Makes 1 table




Breakfast in bed tray with legs 

Non-toxic acrylic paint

A non-toxic water-based sealer such as Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Water Based Sealer


Monogram lettering; either made with vinyl using a cutting machine like a Cricut or simply print the letters out and cut out the shape




1. Paint the trays as desired by using acrylic craft paint; you can allow your kids to paint their own to make it extra fun! 

2. If using the vinyl letters, simply attach them according to the brand’s direction based on the vinyl used. 

3. If using paper, apply a thin layer of the Mod Podge onto the desired area of the board and place the letter onto the adhesive. Allow it to dry completely and then seal the entire area with the Mod Podge. 


Table Tips: 

Keep in mind that these trays, although non-toxic, are meant to be used as a table and not to replace dishes. I do not recommend eating directly off the trays or cutting on the trays if paint or adhesive has been applied. 


If you use a sealer over the tray, seal the entire area, which can add a glossy finish. If you only place the sealer over one area, then the finish will not be cohesive. Be sure to cover evenly. 


If you do not want to change too much of the trays by painting them, you can simply add a pretty monogram on the side or another part of the tray. 


I recommend getting trays that have legs on them versus flat trays. That will give you a look and feel of an individual table. 


To transport these, look for trays that are either stackable or have legs that can fold. 


Picnic Tips: 


Use a waterproof blanket for sitting on.


Use decor that is also functional to hold down the corners of the blanket. 


Make it special with a craft. 


Get comfortable by bringing DIY individual tables.


Be prepared: bring trash bags, blankets, wet wipes, etc.

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