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Get To: Part 2


Get To: Part 2

Danica McKellar shares how to replace I have to with I get to to be more thankful and mindful in our lives.
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S S Seanna Silva

I'm right there with you! I also like to read a paper book why? so I can right in it. sure there are ebooks but nothing compares to having a book in your hand and .making notes in the margins, underlining, making refences,.asking questions to follow up on etc..I totally get the.get to list and the handwritten aspect of it!!!

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M Y Michelle Yarris

a to do list is so necessary imo

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M K Meli Kronberger

Hand writing a list is best because it works your eye-hand motor patterns in the brain and promotes increasing memory! You can find the science on that Danica! And yes, I have been better in my attitude about dishes because of you this past week... My late father and mother must be rejoicing in the skies over that ---- long story I have to share with you if I ever meet you in person... you will get a good laugh!

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R M Randal Moens

I love the "get to do list". At least for me, a "to do list" seems like a burden even though some items on to do list is enjoyable. As a side note, are you going to see movie, Jesus Revolution? I would love to see you comment on movie. Have a great day!!!

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