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DIY Christmas Manger Potpourri


DIY Christmas Manger Potpourri

It's never too early to start crafting for Christmas and Shirley Bovshow demonstrates how to use materials that you may already have in your kitchen or garden and transform them into a gorgeous Potpourri Manger.
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Shirley Bovshow’s DIY Christmas Manger Potpourri Shirley Bovshow Materials: 2 dozen long cinnamon sticks A few whole, Star Anise Glue gun Glue Twinkle lights Frankincense and Myrrh resin Small weaved birds nest to hold the frankincense and myrrh resin A couple of small “gold” trinkets or gold painted tiny pine cones Dried flowers for potpourri Textured natural materials for potpourri-seed pods (i.e. mini-pine cones, cardamom, dried oranges, peppercorns, juniper berries, etc.) Orris root or other fixative for potpourri Essential Oils: Frankincense, Cedar, Vanilla, and Bergamot Creating the Manger: Directions: 1. You will need 2 dozen long cinnamon sticks. I found mine online. 2. Create a platform by hot gluing the cinnamon sticks to a perimeter cinnamon stick. 3. Once you have glued the vertical cinnamon sticks to each other and create a platform, it’s time to add four columns. 4. Hot glue the four columns to the platform edges and then add four cross beams along the top of the structure. Creating the Potpourri Blend: Ingredients: 5-7 drops of Frankincense essential oil and 4 drops of Cedarwood 3 drops of Vanilla 1-2 drops of Bergamont Directions: 1. Start by adding the prescribed drops of essential oil to the Orris root and mix with a spoon. 2. Blend dried flower petals, small flower heads, dried leaves, pinecones, dried citrus, etc. in a plastic bowl and drop the scented Orris root fixative over the flower blend. 3. Mix well and set aside from 1- 3 weeks so that the fragrance will “cure” Decorating the Manger: 1. Wrap twinkle or “fairy” lights around your cinnamon structure and reserve about 3” inches of loose wire above the structure to hang a whole star Anise as a “Bethlehem star”. 2. Add a manger floor using large leaves or sphagnum moss. 3. Create a cradle with repurposed materials. I’ve made the cradle from coconut shells as well as from weaved birds' nests from the Dollar Store. 4. Fill the “cradle” with a few tablespoons of frankincense and Myrrh resin. Top with something gold to represent the “gifts of gold” presented to Jesus. 5. Fill the manger floor with the scented potpourri! My design intention was to create a Nativity scene that doubles as a potpourri structure! You can also add additional cinnamon scent to the cinnamon sticks before creating the structure! Notes: The Christmas Manger Potpourri is one of my favorite designs because it not only imparts a sweet fragrance it also tells a story! I was inspired to create the manger from humble materials but elevate it to display art that tells the story of Christ’s birth in a manger.

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