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Why I’m A Volunteer Patient Advocate


Why I’m A Volunteer Patient Advocate

Shirley Bovshow explains why she became a patient advocate for her mom and shares the importance of helping people navigate the way through their health journeys.
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M X Martha Xenias

Ooooh wow! I spent Christmas in the hospital (I have Crohn's disease) and had some issues going on. My husband had to step in when a nurse mis-read my chart and was about to give me a medication I didn't need. I am so grateful he was paying attending while I was kinda sorta out of it. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia a few years ago and goodness had never heard of it before. Education and blessing others to step up and be an advocate is so important! Thanks again for sharing!

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B b Buckingchet buckingchet

Very informative and important video! Your mother is very Blessed to have You. Thank you for encouraging others to "step up to the plate." Your service is incalculable. ❤️

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