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DIY Fall Mantel Decor


DIY Fall Mantel Decor

Maria Provenzano shares her Fall mantel décor ideas that are even cozier than your fireplace!
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DIY Fall Mantle Decor

Maria Provenzano 



Create a modern take on a “mantlescape” by creating different decor in each corner. Place large decor on the bottom right and upper left, and add smaller decor on the bottom left and upper right, for example. 


Try adding black tapered candles with gold candle holders for a chic touch. 


Baskets are a perfect way to add texture and details as well as a great place to add seasonal decor. 


Use monochromatic colors to keep everything in the same color palette. This will create an elegant, cohesive final outcome. 


Create an effortless look by combining a variety of vases in the same color palette. 

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