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Thanksgiving: Value of the Family Meal


Thanksgiving: Value of the Family Meal

Father Randy Mattox shares his gratitude and discusses the importance of being with family for Thanksgiving in order to grow in love and fellowship.
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B b Buckingchet buckingchet

I wrote your name incorrectly Fr.Mattox...my apologies.

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B b Buckingchet buckingchet

Thanks for this Video Fr.Maddox. Your Thanksgiving Message resonated with me as My parents separated but I do remember we would gather for evening meals and family holidays. May God Bless You and I hope to see you often here on Great American Community!

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M M Maria Minton

I always enjoy your insight on family and thanking God each and everyday 🙏✝️

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M K Meli Kronberger

AMEN Father Randy... God is good... Praying for my Nation and honoring those that fought and gave their lives for this Nation.

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S C Shannon Celentano

very powerful message . thank you Father Randy .

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