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Sunday Best: The Joys of Being a Mom


Sunday Best: The Joys of Being a Mom

Moms are the best! Jill Wagner reflects and shares the incredible gratitude and joy she feels for being a mother.
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J S Jennie Simd

I think its wonderful you moved back to a small town . I feel it helps people feel grounded. I live in a suburb but have always dreamed of moving to a small town .❤️😊

rpl Reply
A S Anna Sanclement

I completely relate to everything you are saying. I feel the same with my 2 girls… they are growing up so fast! 😢

rpl Reply1
R B Rachel Buechner

I love being a mom. My kids are all older now, and I miss the days when they were small children. But being a mom is the most rewarding job ever.

rpl Reply1
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