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DIY Easter Candy Vase


DIY Easter Candy Vase

If you're hosting an Easter or Spring celebration, lifestyle expert Rachel Van Kluyve's sweet candy vase centerpiece is guaranteed to brighten up your table.
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DIY Easter Candy Vase

Rachel Van Kluyve





Insert for vase 

Candy of choice 

Flower of choice 




1.     First figure out what size vase you are using so that then you can figure out what size insert you need. The insert should be just below the rim of your vase and should be smaller than your actual vase. It should leave you, once inserted, with a 1/2 inch to an inch gap between the outside of the vase and the new one you placed inside. 


2.     Once your insert is set, start laying your candy. You can use multiple options for this Easter theme vase, I chose peeps, jellybeans, and malt robin eggs.


3.     Continue layering each candy row until your vase is full. 


4.     Insert your flowers of choice into the center and enjoy! 


Don’t forget this vase can be reused and the candy can be interchangeable and used for any holiday. Think peppermints for Christmas or candy corn for Halloween!


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