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Jill's Fitness Motivation


Jill's Fitness Motivation

Jill Wagner shares her unique method to staying motivated to get you up and moving!
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D M Diane Meholick

So I researched Macros. Did my numbers. Logged my food for 3 days and discovered how incorrectly I've been eating. Wow. Definitely going to clean up my eating act and continue lifting weights.

rpl Reply
K S Kathleen Szabo

Thank you for your practical and encouraging words of wisdom.

rpl Reply
K R Karen Roseberry

Good job!

rpl Reply
j G jean Gloudemans

Jill, you are a great inspiration. thanks for your honesty. i am just starting a new health journey. slow going. but i am determined to be a healthier me. .

rpl Reply
D M Diane Meholick

Jill, thank you for an inspiring and candid talk. Thanks to you--you pulled me out of the dark, depressing abyss I was in--and inspired me to work out and be good to myself again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm 8 weeks in now and fell great.

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