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Two-Toned Buttercream


Two-Toned Buttercream

Emily Hutchinson demonstrates one of the most beautiful ways to frost cookies with her two-toned buttercream.
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Two-Toned Buttercream

Emily Hutchinson



Buttercream or frosting

Clear plastic wrap

Piping bag



Food coloring



1.     Lay out a piece of plastic wrap long ways, or horizontally and add a strip of red buttercream (or desired color).

2.     Layer on white buttercream and cover the red.

3.     Fold over hot dog style to create a pouch.

4.     Twist up your ends and coil up one side so the buttercream doesn’t come out.

5.     With the other end, feed it though your coupler.

6.     Cut the end of your piping bag about 1 inch and drop in the end with attached coupler.

7.     Pull the plastic through and cut off the remaining.

8.     Attach tip and match the strip up with the end you want the color to come out of.

9.     Begin to pipe. The red will meet up with the thin part of your tip to create the end of the petal color. The red will meet up with the wide end if you want the center to be colored. Move accordingly. What a GREAT technique!

Sweetly, xoxo Em

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