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Gift Wrapping Hacks


Gift Wrapping Hacks

And that's a wrap! Maria Provenzano is sharing some of the hottest trends in gift wrapping and showing us a few ways we can add some extra holiday flair to our gifting.
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Gift Wrapping Hacks

Maria Provenzano



1. Use a wax seal kit to create a traditional look. Add additional details like a shatterproof ornament and fresh greens to make it extra elevated.

2. Create a bag out of gift wrap. Fold the wrapping paper into thirds, lengthwise (long enough to fit the gift), and secure the open flap with tape. Fold a few inches up at the bottom. Then, create a diamond fold from the area that was folded up and tape it. Fold the top and bottom points of the diamond to the center, leaving the left and right points unfolded. Secure with tape, and that will create the base. Open the “bag” and place the gift inside. Fold the top over and punch two holes, then string ribbon in the holes and tie a bow.

3. Let kids color on some kraft paper to create their own homemade wrapping paper.

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