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Great American Christmas In Kentucky


Great American Christmas In Kentucky

Jen Lilley and Jesse Hutch travel to Stanford, Kentucky to experience a real life small town Christmas complete with carolers, a gingerbread contest, and a Christmas parade.
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s l sandy lew

The Kentucky Christmas program was so much fun to watch. Loved the great banter between Jesse and Jen. What is in store for the next small town Christmas destination? A tender Tennessee Christmas, a wonderful next stop.

rpl Reply1
K R Karen Roseberry

This feels Home and Family again! Yayyyy! I've missed it!

rpl Reply1
K R Karen Roseberry

I'm originally from a small town. I loved it! I wasn't able to see this when it first came out so it's nice to see it now! I loved it!

rpl Reply1
A Z Angie Ziegler Miracle

Knock off of Small Town Christmas on UPtv

rpl Reply
C Z Cindy Zwarka

I'm so glad you made this available, I totally missed it when it came out & the encore presentation.

rpl Reply1