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What's on My Bucket List


What's on My Bucket List

Jill Wagner shares some of the amazing things on her bucket list, including going on a safari and visiting Japan!
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A S Amy Samonds

Thanks for sharing some of your bucket list with us! Loved the play on "Lioness" (sure hope there are more seasons of that to come). Reading the Bible is so worthwhile - you'll be amazed at many of the stories in there. God's love is revealed throughout, and it is a wonder to behold. The Derby is a bucket list item for me as well, and I have tickets for next year (Oaks and Derby). Hope you make it there, too. Horses are amazing - they do so much for us, including just calming us down. Such a gift they are! Thanks again for sharing your list - very cool!

rpl Reply
J R Jamie Rohde

A movie idea ( safaris)

rpl Reply
D P Denise Piatt

great bucket list. i live 10 mins from Churchill Downs. i will be happy to share my home. kidos can stay and play with my grankids. Bible you can make it a book club and we can talk about it. stay being you.

rpl Reply
J M John Mann

After 50 years of teaching Sunday School classes I still like the J.B. Phillips' paraphrase of the New Testament. Read and take notes!

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J C Judy Cambier

My four sisters and a niece traveled with me to Africa on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania! It was awesome! You will love it! Thanks for sharing your bucket list.

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