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Handprint Tote Bags


Handprint Tote Bags

Rachel Van Kluyve's DIY handprint flower bags are a great way to capture a moment in time. These simple to make DIY gifts for grandma and mom have never been so cute. Best of all, you can use an inexpensive tote bag that you already have on hand.
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Rachel Van Kluyve 

Handprint Tote Bags 



Blank canvas tote bag (available at craft stores) 

Fabric paints in color of your choosing  

Paper plates  



1. Sketch on your flower stem and center point in pencil. 

2. Paint over the sketch with fabric paint. 

3. Put varying colors of paint onto paper plate. 

4. Take each child’s hand and rub into paint. 

5. Place handprints around the center or point of the flower to create the “petals” on the stem. 

6. Add any finishing touches. 

7. Let dry flat for four hours. 

8. Gift and fill with fun presents! 





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