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Holiday Charcuterie Board


Holiday Charcuterie Board

Jamie Tarence welcomes her friend, Marie Marino, into her kitchen to share some of her expert tips and tricks for creating a gorgeous charcuterie board that's perfect for any holiday gathering.
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C Z Cindy Zwarka

looks amazing, thanks for the suggestions!

  rpl Reply  1
z t zane tarence

Love the individual assortment in the small goblet

  rpl Reply  1
S M Stacey Mathews

I think this is going to be our Christmas Eve menu. Thanks!!!

  rpl Reply  1
M K Meli Kronberger

This is a great video..love the explanation of detail..Much appreciated!

  rpl Reply  1
K S Kathleen Szabo

Love a good charcuterie board! Thanks for the tips & tricks.

  rpl Reply  1