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Christmas at the Drive-In: Set Tour


Christmas at the Drive-In: Set Tour

Danica McKellar takes us behind the scenes on a tour of the working drive-in that was built from scratch for her new Great American Family movie, Christmas at the Drive-In.
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R M Randal Moens

So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing Danica

  rpl Reply 
M B Mo B

I just LOVE ♥️🥰 Neal Bledsoe!!!! His humor totally has me rolling in tears 😂🤣😂 He’s also very handsome… look at those cheekbones indeed!!! 😍 Love these BTS looks. So ecxited to see this film!!! My fave from y’all is Coming Home for Christmas. Praying y’all can get the rights to show it on GAC 😁

  rpl Reply 
C B Cathy Barnes

I can't wait to see this movie!

  rpl Reply 
M K Meli Kronberger

I am looking forward to the movie Danica! My childhood drive-in experiences with my 6 siblings flood my mind when I watch your sneak peeks. Such a fun set and anticipating a unique Christmas story!

  rpl Reply 
c m chris magoon

Drive inns are the thing of the past but it's cool to see it make some what if a come back

  rpl Reply