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Christmas in July


Christmas in July

Danica McKellar gives us an exclusive sneak peak about the upcoming Great American Christmas In July event!
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e b elisha burkhimer

good morning! i am soo excited ! is there going to be a check list of movies that are going to be aired.

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S C Shannon Celentano

can’t wait

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K S Kathleen Szabo

Thanks for sharing behind the scenes of your Christmas in July shoot. Love the touch of the umbrella in the hot cocoa. I hope they keep it in. I think I will buy some drink umbrellas and use them in my festive drinks for Great American Christmas in July. Can’t wait!

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M K Meli Kronberger

Love it Danica!! Thanks for the inside scoop on fliming and production. Since I am not in the same industry, it is fun to see these behind the scenes clips!

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