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Low-Carb Chipotle Ranch Dressing


Low-Carb Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Love chipotle sauce? Love ranch? Then you have to try Shirley Bovshow's healthy chipotle ranch dressing recipe! It's creamy, smoky, low calorie and super easy to make.
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Low Carb Chipotle Sauce 

Shirley Bovshow 



1 cup Sour Cream 

¼ cup Mayonnaise 

3-4 Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce (add more or less to taste) 

1 clove of Garlic 

Cumin (to taste) 

Garlic Powder (to taste) 

Salt (to taste)  

Black Pepper (to taste) 

1 Tbsp of Lime juice (to taste) 



1. Mix all the ingredients in a small food processor or blender.  

2. Adjust spices and salt to taste. 

3. Place in a glass jar and refrigerate up to 2 weeks! 


This smokey and savory chipotle sauce can be customized to suit your tastes. It’s all about the spices! 


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