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Harvesting Hollyhock Seeds


Harvesting Hollyhock Seeds

Shirley Bovshow teaches us how to harvest seeds from the iconic, cottage garden flower.
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Harvesting Hollyhock Seeds Shirley Bovshow Materials: Plastic or paper bag Marker (for labeling) Directions: 1. Find the dried seed pods along the hollyhock stem. You will find them wherever a flower used to be. 2. Open the seed pods carefully and remove the seeds inside. 3. Store the seeds in a plastic or paper bag and make sure to label it, including the color of the flower. 4. If you live in a warm winter climate, you can sow the seeds either in the Fall or in Spring. Those in a cold climate should sow seeds in late Winter/early Spring after the last frost. 5. Find a sunny area and scatter the seeds on top of the soil. Cover them very lightly with soil as they need the sunlight to germinate.

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