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Pilot Trevor is Flying High


Pilot Trevor is Flying High

Talk about a bird's-eye view! Trevor Donovan brings us inside the cockpit during one of his recent flying lessons.
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R F Ryan Field

We use John Wayne airport a lot. They have direct flights to Newark, NJ and Palm Springs airport doesn't.

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A P Annalise Prieto

Awesome! I was in Aeronautics in middle school and i’m now in jrotc in school. I learn all about this stuff. i love it!

  rpl Reply 
S S Stephanie Santana

Fun! I almost went Airforce to become a pilot. Long story of why i couldn’t. But flying is so fun.

  rpl Reply 
D M Dawn Miner

I'm jealous!

  rpl Reply 
D L Donna Lancaster

that is awesome, enjoy!!! It's a brave new world for you!!

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