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Faith Bits: Self-Validation


Faith Bits: Self-Validation

Danica McKellar reflects on the importance of validating ourselves and shares her tips for finding self-acceptance and understanding.
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S B Sherry Bacco

Amen!!!!!! Love you

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L K Luci Kauffman

Such a wonderful explanation. Think of how this world would be if we all loved one another as God loves us..

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L K Lenora Keith

Recently my friend Larry talked about Seeing God in Sacred Places and the culmination of his thoughts was seeing God in our own sacred places. Please be encouraged because I can see Him in you. BTW, welcome to Tennessee!

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R F Rebecca Fuller

That might be the best explanation of that concept that I've heard. Thank you for sharing it.

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m k monica king

you are so right. Our heavenly Father is the only one that can bring us peace in this workd we live in.

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